Stamp Free Limited

The Stamp Free Digital Postage Solution™ is an award-winning alternative to traditional mailing and returns.

Harnessing AI technology delivered via a smartphone app, our handwritten barcode simplifies the sending, tracking and security of any item bringing total convenience through a sustainable stamp and label-free solution.

One simple code, generated by an app and written on any item contains all the information that a seller, customer and carrier needs to get that item to its destination.

Secure, simple to integrate and data-rich, Stamp Free’s Intelligent Character Recognition (ICR) software enables all handwriting to be scanned and validated in the blink of an eye throughout an item’s journey, providing a truly digital solution to transform the sending and returning of parcels and providing a new choice for both sellers, retailers and consumers.

And it’s good news for the environment too. With labels produced every year in the UK alone for an estimated 5.4bn parcels in 2021, the old adage ‘think before you print’ has never been so relevant.