Will Rose

Technology Director, Unbound Group Plc - owner of Hotter Shoes

Will Rose

Will Rose is a highly experienced Technology Director having spent 20 years working in retail eCommerce and IT for some of the UK’s largest retailers.

As the UK’s largest specialist footwear brand, Hotter Shoes sells over a million pairs of shoes a year to more than four million customers around the world. Will is responsible for maintaining and developing the eCommerce platforms to ensure the continued digital growth ensuring Hotter Shoes remains a major player in the eCommerce space. This will be supported by the continued marketing and development of the Hotter Android and iOS Applications that have helped broaden the demographic of the Hotter customer. New technology such as Augmented Reality and a built in Shoe Sizer will mean customers that can’t visit a store can shop with confidence.

Will has shown his experience in ensuring the Hotter website has traded its second largest revenue day online. This is in part due to the personalised customer content and products Hotter can show customers. The team is also set up to continually experiment on the site to improve the customer journey with features such as Guided Selling. A clearly defined strategic roadmap will see Will’s team deliver new features to the Hotter platform such as Buy Now Pay Later and Artificial Intelligence to give Hotter customers the perfect fit.

Since starting his career as a Graduate Trainee at 21, Will has worked his way up from being a developer. This included 10 years working as a Consultant in IT and eCommerce. Will has a focus on delivery having worked as an eCommerce Consultant Project and Programme Manager for 10 years, six of those years were spent at the software house Wunderman Thompson Commerce where he delivered large scale eCommerce re-platforms for the likes of DFS and Yoox Net-a-Porter. Working as a consultant allowed Will to understand what is required to build and maintain a successful eCommerce platform whilst understanding how to deliver strategic change.

As Group Programme Manager at DFS, Will spent three years merging IT Systems and eCommerce platforms for the acquired brands Dwell, Sofology and Sofa Workshop into the DFS Group. The understanding of how to roll technology change out to large retail estates was vital in this role, not only improving the journey for customers but also retail employees.

The constantly changing world of ecommerce has always excited Will. He was responsible for implementing the routing software for Appliances Online (now AO.com) in 2010 to enable next day delivery of white goods, allowing Co-op customers to scan goods and checkout using their mobile phones and create the omni-channel journey that allows DFS customers to build an order in-store and checkout at home.

Unbound Group Plc - owner of Hotter Shoes

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