WORLDLINE: Expectation Of Online Shoppers

2023 will be a challenging year for ecommerce. Amidst a changing economic landscape, online businesses are recognising the importance of sustainable growth, not only by meeting consumer demands but also by aligning their focus on modern technologies.

At the same time, the world is becoming more connected and digital commerce is continuing to grow, providing opportunities for online businesses to take advantage of consumer demand. For many, it is a case of rethinking strategies and refocusing their offering to align with a changing consumer mindset.

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Adobe: Composable Commerce

Taking headless to the next level

In today’s fast-paced ecommerce landscape, businesses need to be agile, adaptable, and able to offer a personalized customer experience.

Perhaps the most important strategy is to be ready, willing and able to adapt to changing shopper habits, economic conditions and other factors.

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European Marketplaces 2022 Report

Third-party marketplaces are booming globally, with Europe seeing their use surge post-lockdown

Download the European Marketplace 2022 Report where we examine in detail the extraordinary growth of this sector in the past few years, which has doubled revenue to €200bn since 2020 and set for continued growth in the years to come.

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2022: UK Growth 2000

Download the UK Growth 2000 2022, which explores the way that growth-focused companies in the UK are selling online in 2022 and beyond.

The Growth 2000, at its heart is a full list of the 2,000 retailers selling in the UK that follow on from the RetailX Top500, published in January. It names the leading 25 retailers in each of four growth-focused Dimensions, Find, Mobile, Delivery and Checkout, and explores the performance of the full 2,000 retailers, brands and marketplaces through those Dimensions.

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RXBX: The RetailX Brand Index 2022

The RetailX Brand Index 2022 explores the largest 500 brands that sell to customers across the EU from a strategic and commercial lens. Driven by our industry-leading research, we look closely at how brands now engage with shoppers, as well as how shoppers expect to engage with brands. In a series of examples, we discover how leading brands are tackling the complexities of multichannel retailing and maintaining customer loyalty.


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ChannelX Marketplace Guide 2022

Marketplaces have come to dominate the ecommerce space over the past five years, with as many as 64% of UK consumers now routinely turning to marketplaces first for online shopping.

The Retail European Marketplaces report 2021 builds on from the inaugural report and considers the seismic shifts that have taken place since its publication in 2020. We offer a detailed assessment of the European marketplace ecosystem and consider outlets that operate as marketplaces by country. We then look at how easy marketplace sites are to use and the protection they give consumers shopping on them are becoming key differentiators.

You will come away with a deepened understanding of how each major European market has evolved its marketplace structure and how those marketplaces work for consumers

and for merchants, as well as acting as an almanac of what they sell and how to meet this demand.

Report highlights:

  • 47 pages of original RetailX analysis, insight and research
  • 35 original data charts
  • 8 retailer case studies
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Growth 2000 Marketplaces Report 2021

The RetailX Growth 2000 Marketplace: 2021 Report examines how this year’s Growth 2000 retailers use marketplaces to increase visibility and attract customers. Inside, we discover how these sellers are performing financially and the traffic they are receiving as a result of their marketplace presence.

We also consider the business case for using marketplaces, as well as some of the challenges faced by smaller retailers. This is accompanied by detailed RetailX figures that show the most popular European marketplaces and key business benefits for selling on marketplaces.

This report exists to help increase the discoverability of up-and-coming merchants on marketplaces through sharing actionable insights into the current marketplace landscape – with case studies on those already leading by example.


  • 25 exclusive RetailX figures
  • 38 pages of back-to-back analysis on the Growth 2000 use marketplaces
  • 4 “putting it into practise” case studies
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