Why Attend

More than 40% of all post-pandemic online retail spending is already taking place on marketplaces, with online set to account for 51% of all retail sales this year.

At the same time social media and messaging services (such as Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Messenger and WhatsApp) are opening up new ways to sell and in common with marketplaces the transaction takes place off the retailers’ own website.

The plethora of industry events already on the calendar don’t fully address the needs of the Marketplace Manager – a new job role which is fast becoming more common in the retailer and brand corporate structure.

Often run alongside traditional ecommerce, Marketplace Managers face unique challenges including:

  • Marketplace rules and regulations
  • Shipping & fulfilment
  • CRM
  • D2C Strategies
  • Cross Border Trade regulations
  • Translation and localisation
  • VAT and Import/Export Regulations
  • Brand Equity
  • Transitioning your website to a marketplace

Whilst some of these challenges will be present in the wider business, trading on an external platform means the intricacies are multiplied, especially as each channel will have their own specific requirements.

ChannelX World will bring together the expertise to educate, inform and validate retailers’ and brands’ go to market strategies.


ChannelX World will bring together industry professionals engaged in selling on marketplace and social media platforms. Split into three distinct groups, these professionals have different needs:

Merchants – £1m +

Merchants are interested in channels to market both at home in the UK and around the world. Key target areas are the UK, Europe, the US and Australia, but there are many more lucrative opportunities such as China and the Far East and South Korea and the Middle East.

These professionals need the tools to enable integration with the Channels they retail on and as Social Media and Messaging platforms become more common trading channels they will be looking for partners who can encompass these channels.

Merchants also look for delivery partners including carriers, carrier management and marketplace fulfilment and shipping.

Recently, marketplace acquisition businesses (specifically acquisitions of Amazon FBA businesses) have become routine offering a new way for a merchant to exit their business.


Retailers have many of the same challenges as merchants but with the added complexity that any solution they adopt must integrate with existing investments in software, accounting, warehousing and distribution.

Retailers have the additional challenge of protecting their reputation and engaging with marketplaces and social channels multiplies this challenge by several magnitudes. There is the added complexity of price and offer parity enabling their customers to buy with confidence on the marketplace, social channel, or messaging platform confident they will receive the same service and price as on the retailer’s own website.


Where once brands had robust routes to market through distributors and wholesalers to their retail partners, the pandemic has accelerated their desire to establish D2C operations while maintaining their traditional retail channels.

Brand equity is key and this comes atop all of the challenges that retailers and merchants also face.


Exhibitors at ChannelX World come from a wide spectrum across ecommerce with key expertise to assist merchants, retailers and brands grow their businesses, with a focus on expanding sales off their own websites on channels including Marketplaces, Social Media, and Messaging.

Exhibitors will include:

  • Marketplaces
  • Social Media & Messaging platforms
  • Multichannel Management
  • PIM
  • Carriers
  • Fulfilment
  • VAT and Regulatory
  • Full Service partners
  • Brand Protection
  • Finance
  • Stock Sourcing
  • Cross Border
  • Translation and Localisation
  • Amazon Aggregators

The ChannelX Team

ChannelX World will be curated by the team at Tamebay (ChannelX), led by Editor in Chief, Chris Dawson, working alongside InternetRetailing and RetailX Founders Mark Pigou and Ian Jindal.

For over 15 years, ChannelX/Tamebay has been bringing industry news to marketplace professionals and on a daily basis we work with merchants, retailers and brands to assist them to grow their businesses on marketplace, social and messaging channels.

Having previously launched many of the UK’s top ecommerce expos the team are launching ChannelX World to serve the needs merchants, retailers and brands with off-website retailing.

Backed by years of B2B event experience, the team firmly believe that with over 40% of online retail taking place on marketplaces, there is a need for ChannelX to bring together the wealth of industry expertise and serve the needs of the Marketplace Manager and the wider ecommerce and multichannel retail teams tasked with delivering growth on marketplaces.

The ChannelX World team have recognised a need for a marketplace led training, supplier sourcing and networking conference which is missing from the UK and EU calendar.

ChannelX World will provide a focal meeting place for all in the industry to come together in one day, provide an unparalleled training opportunity, the ability to meet marketplaces and suppliers and act as a springboard for retailers to unlock accelerated growth in their businesses.

Aimed at £1m+ turnover merchants, retailers and brand owners, marketplaces are an essential building block in the retail landscape unlocking new channels to market and offering B2C, D2C and B2B retail opportunities waiting to be exploited.


The education program will be split into 3 streams – Growth, Operations, and Insights.


The Growth stream will introduce marketplaces and set out a course for merchants, retailers and brands to turbocharge their businesses.

Attendees will already be operating successful marketplace businesses and the marketplace manager will discover the tools and platforms to accelerate growth both on domestic marketplaces and abroad.


The Operations stream is where marketplace managers can learn to streamline best practices for their business covering topics ranging from stock and order management to logistics, warehousing and fulfilment to customer services, translation and localisation, currency and VAT and regulations and legislation.

The world has changed massively over the past couple of years, not just with Covid and Brexit but also through global efforts to rationalise taxation making this stream an essential part of a marketplace manager’s focus.


Growth and operations both rely on insights, analytics, business forecasting and planning. The Insight stream will explore the tools and services available to achieve the marketplace managers business goals, whether this be pure growth, profitability, cost management or sales forecasting.

With deep dives into how to analyse a business’ metrics and how these data points can be used to guide forward business planning, the secrets to unlocking sales events and ROAS will ensure the marketplace manager has the knowledge and tools to unlock success.

Exhibition, Workshops and 1-2-1 Meetings

Alongside the main conference streams, there will be an exhibition of marketplace service providers and suppliers, with workshops throughout the day focusing on core topics and private 1-2-1 meetings with business professionals designed to address specific individual business needs.

ChannelX World will be the destination for the marketplace manager gathering the entire industry together with the single goal of creating explosive growth for delegates and their retail operations.

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